A project log for Project T

World 1st - Asymmetric propulsion system for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - Enabling efficient Vertical Take-Off & Landing for future aircraft

EngineerAllenEngineerAllen 01/25/2017 at 22:310 Comments

Time for propulsion measurements to define the values for the asymmetry of the thrust produced so that this can be factored into control software for stable flight.

Using my tablet as a Bluetooth controller to incrementally increase the % of throttle on the individual outputs

As well as a crude measuring stand setup and a camera recording the displayed values of thrust in grams.

This device was cheap and produced very poor results, after releasing applied force the value displayed would not return to 0 which showed this device was of true Chinese quality and hindered my 'science'

The graph showed a predictable result, as the coaxial rotor was twice the size and consisted of two rotors (2x2=4) the asymmetry was approximately 4 and more importantly it was apparently quite linear.

The testing also resulted in structural failure due to the lack of strong coaxial motor mount material. If only I had a workshop where I could machine aluminum..

Since balsa wood was easy to work with it was also easy to quickly make another mount which I used for testing software and concluded this version 1 of project T was not flight capable so my end objective for this version was not to get it to fly and that objective has been pushed to version 2 of project T which will require proper fabrication facilities.