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    The SISER4 is an STEbus intelligent serial I/O board with four RS232 or RS422/485 channels. The board's intelligence is achieved by a 64180 CPU running a high-level command language. The CPU is backed by 32Kbytes on-board RAM, 8Kbytes of which is dual-ported to the STEbus.

    Two 8530 devices are mapped into 64180 I/O space and support synchronous or asynchronous operation. Each channel offers programmable character length, stop bits and baud rate. In synchronous mode, the board will work at rates to 921.6Kbaud. For asynchronous communication, the board will work at rates to 115Kbaud. Each 8530 has separate 64180 interrupt lines. The high-level command language greatly simplifies serial I/O programming. For example the read command will read a number of data bytes from a specified logical channel number, or will read bytes until a delimiter is reached. To write a number of bytes to a logical channel number, there is a write command.


    STEbus slave interface.

    Power consumption:

    0.9A @ 5V, 90mA @ ±12V

    Ordering Information:

    SISER4: Intelligent serial I/O board


    • 64180 CPU local intelligence
    • 32Kb RAM - 8Kb dual-ported
    • 4 RS232 or RS422/485 channels
    • Signal Conditioning Bus interface
    • Programmable data rates to 921.6 kbaud (synchronous), 115 kbaud (asynchronous)