List of Basic Commands


• AT

Responds with OK, no other operation is performed. When auto baudrate is enbled, it's necessary to begin with this command after reset. Send it a few times until an OK response is received. Usually responds for the 2nd command. After 5-6 tries you can assume something went wrong and reset the M95.

• ATE0

Disable echo. Default is enabled. If it's enabled, you get back all the commands you send. Useful for a human communicating manually but unnecessary for a microcontroller.


Check the initialization state of the M95. After powering on, it is necessary to wait for the module to initialize. The init state has to be '3' before doing any further setup.


Find phone book entries. This does a string search in the phonebook and returns the results. This is useful if you need to store some information on the SIM card.


Request the network status (for data connection): connected, in data roaming or searching for network.


Request the PIN state of the SIM. If the SIM card needs a PIN, you can enter it with this command.


With this command you can do a software reset of the M95.


Get cellular operator info.


Get signal quality info.



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