write-up finished

A project log for laptop2pi

Frankentop (noun): A laptop created by combining parts from disparate computers, e.g. an HP 1101 combined with a Pi Zero.

mincepimincepi 02/03/2017 at 00:380 Comments

I've finished the write-up, and added some pictures. I hope my writing isn't too confusing.

Remote X is running, and I added instructions for it to the write-up.

I've been using the laptop (Frankentop?) on my daily commute, and it's working well. Now I can get all of the unfinished/unupdated bits of my projects taken care of!

Next is trying to get the SD setup script running under Pixel_x86. As I mentioned before, I can't completely copy the ISO image using the laptop. I think it's something having to do with udev and automounting. Wish me luck!