Now workable Controller interface and Sound board!

A project log for The Homebrew Handwired Z80 Computer - H2Z80

A 64K Z80 computher that you cand build by yourself only with perfboards, wires and some components

jorisclaytonJorisclayton 05/13/2024 at 21:100 Comments
        Today I started working with the controller board and, after some headacha, I came with this workable design. At first, I thought the the clock and the latch signals would be send by the controller (something like the PS/2 protocol) and until understand that I need to send it to the joystick I lost some time... As I'm using a pseudo SNES controller that, in practice, works like a NES controller with turbo A and B mapped to X, Y R and L buttons, this also give me some pain, as I was waiting 16 bits and the controller only send 8 to me with a "strange noise" on some buttons. Its was what I thought until realize that it is a NES not a SNES protocol. My controllers also came with Start and Select button inverted for some reason but it wasn't a problem.
        Finally, after much tests, there is the result, a board that get the 8 bits serial informatin from the controller and shows it as one byte, all the 8 bits at a time, for the Z80 CPU at the ports E0h and E1h, the Z80 just need to read it and all the pressed keys will be there. I will update the schematic with some other changes, like IO addresses and some expansion slots pins changes.