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A project log for Narcissus 12.0

This project will explore a number of issues that are involved in creating a personality for an interactive chat-bot or actual robot.

glgormanglgorman 05/15/2024 at 20:500 Comments

Yeah, and in other news: I found my ancient IBM flowcharting template.

So while I have never been a big fan of flow charts, this might be a fun digression, given my latest obsession with DNA, hair, solar flares, and tessellations, with or without help from Euclid - of course.  Weird to contemplate that there are different pre-defined symbols for magnetic vs. paper tape input, or else manual input vs. punch cards, and so on.  A process seems to be a simple rectangle, whereas I/O operations are these other parallelograms.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  And so it goes.