• ​Adding a watchdog

    Juris Ormanis01/29/2017 at 19:08 0 comments

    What do you think when you hear word "safety"? May be about a dog? A watchdog? Like this?

    Who is a good boy!? No, not this dog. The watchdog, in uControllers, is a timer that gonna trigger, if uC is stuck, and restart uC. Why do we need it? So lets imagine, you are enjoying yours favorite vape flavor, something like hot chocolate or melone, doesn't meter, and e-cig got a glitch in program right in vaporizing proces. What gonna happen? So, the batteries could overheat and blow up, the cotton in atomizer could get in fire and e.t.c. So u understand. And exactly here on the scene comes the "Good boy", if the e-cig got a glitch, the reset gonna set all variables to default, and in default mode e-cig doesn't heat up the coil

  • Fancy stuff

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  • Problem searching

    Juris Ormanis01/26/2017 at 18:03 0 comments

    So let's speak a bit, about what do we want from smart e-cig, and what it suppose to do.

    Main purpose.

    Almost all company's tells us that the e-cig gonna help you break that habit. But in a fact it is just substitution. You are changing one habit to another. The main purpose should be to help people forget about nicotine.

    Problem Nr.1

    "One cigarete" effect. You probably have seen how office become empty every 1-2h when almost everyone are going outside to make a little smoko. How does they measure the time for this little rest? By cigarete. How do we gonna imitate this? We are measuring the pufs and converting them into cigs. Using this function you could still go outside take yours "One cig" and be happy with it :)

    Problem Nr.2

    Nicotine overdose. What gonna happen if you are vaping all the day liquid with nicotine? You, probably gonna take the nicotine overdose, headache and all other stuff are included. May be you gonna be a bit more lucky and you gonna just reach your limit. What gonna happen in that case? You gonna get higher tolerance to nicotine and next time you will need a bit more nicotine. Solving? Limit the maximum amount of nicotine for day. We are counting the amount of pufs, as we do in previous problem, but now we are converting it not in the cigaretes, but in to nicotine dose over hour. You just couldn't overcome programmed limit.

    Problem Nr.3

    So, all that stuff gonna help you to stay on your level, but how we gonna brake that habit? There are two ways. First one - your pufs limit is constant, but you need to change the amount of nicotine in your liquid every few days. Second one - we gonna brutally decrease pufs limit every day.