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    ENCLOSURE : 3D Printing
    Print the two stl files : base and top
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    Individually prepare the components :

    • Solder 2*6 headers on the ADAFRUIT QTPY RP2040 (pins A1--TX and RX--GND)

    • Solder 2 headers on the 3.5mm jack breakout (pin TIP ans SLEEVE)

    • Cut two platsic pins under the tactile switch, cut two pins on the switch

    • Cut two wires : 3.5cm and 4cm

    Solder the components :

    • Solder the ADAFRUIT QTPY RP2040 on the protoboard : B1 to B6 and F1 to F6)

    • Solder the tactile switch on the protoboard G1 and G3

    • Solder the 3.5mm jack breakout (F11 and E11)

    • Connect A3 QTPY's pin to RING02 with the 3.5 cm wire, solder

    • Connect GND QTPY's to TIP with the 4cm wire, (J1- J11), solder

    Cut of the excess lenght of the pins

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    • Insert the electronic onto the base part
    • Snap the two parts of the enclosure