need to figure out power problem

A project log for dynamic nfc business card

wifi/ble and nfc connected business card.

0x0630ff0x0630ff 06/01/2024 at 03:350 Comments

Unsure exactly what the issue is. Unable to get enough power through the UART TTL programmer into the charge and regulator circuit. Bypassing the charge circuit for the time being to work on programming the device and ensure all parts are working as expected. I know the programmer isn't intended to deliver a lot of power but surprised this isn't working since I used an identical circuit in other functional projects. Could be component selection. Will explore this later. Also planning to use pogo-pins for programming (4 pin header for now...)

The on off switch I chose is easily stuffed up with flux after some rework. Boot button also seems to occasionally have this issue as well. Will need to be careful when doing rework, or buy extra parts.. 

I was successfully able to update the NFC chip via i2c from the ESP32-c3 to share URL data. Hoping to spend time learning more about the various messages able to share using NDEF.  It is covered by the display once everything is soldered. Initial tests will use a board to board connector just in case I need to rework the NFC IC, however it seems to work fine, so far...