Adding display and battery power.

A project log for dynamic nfc business card

wifi/ble and nfc connected business card.

0x0630ff0x0630ff 06/10/2024 at 17:050 Comments

Did anyone really think there would be zero mistakes?

Turns out I got the display pins rotated the wrong way, oops....

The device is shown running a test sketch that cycles through some preset NDEF messages to update the NFC data with. Left and right buttons change the URI message and the center button commits the data to the IC. By using the proper URI protocol, the receiving device can recognize phone numbers to call, emails to send a message to, and URLs to open in the default browser with.

I added some jumper wires to get the display spun the right way. Looks alright enough to keep going with rev1 of this project. Adds a lot to the thickness unfortunately. In the end, this will be soldered in place as flat as possible. It looks much nicer top down where you cannot tell how tall the display sits. 

Here is a side view of the device. the battery is much thicker than the end goal but for testing this is working out well. It fits in my pocket without any problems (aside for being stabbed by the programming pins still soldered in place). The battery can be charged via the programmer's input power pin. The end goal is to find a paper thin Li-Po for the bottom side to keep the entire thickness down (I found a company "PowerSteam" that offers some viable choices). Obviously, getting the display connection correct will also help reduce that thickness.