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Trying to make an inexpensive HDMI encoder with off the shelf stuff

wjcarpenterWJCarpenter 05/17/2024 at 21:520 Comments

DVR, I hear you ask. These days, it's relatively easy to create your own DIY DVR with inexpensive hardware. For example, a Raspberry Pi with a couple of USB hard drives is enough computer power. Digital tuners are available for receiving OTA programming. The most well-known is HDHomeRun, but there are others. Many paid programming services also make their live TV content available for streaming via a technology called TV Everywhere. For the software, I've experimented with Channels DVRemby, and a few others. None are perfect, but several are good enough.

One of the side-effects of these various DIY DVR efforts is that the people involved, both the developers and the users, have lots of interesting ideas for how to deal with programming. It is some of those ideas that I am exploring in this project. In particular, it's aspects of these very long discussion threads in the Channels DVR community forums that set me to thinking.

BETA: Chrome Capture for Channels

HDMI for Channels

ADBTuner: A “channel tuning” application for networked Google TV / Android TV devices