The project has been created to be submitted to the 2024 Business Card Contest .

The size constraints of the project are partially met (the 1mm thickness is almost unachievable if you wish to squeeze some power into the board) being around 86x54x5mm.

My first tought was to design it like a small game console but wait...  they're soo many around here, so I tought to design something more like a swiss-knive tool (like the contest picture suggest) stuffing it with sensors and features a typical geek like me should need:

  • Altimeter/barometric pressure;
  • Humidity/moisture;
  • Temperature....

The primary power source will be a LiIon battery, rechargeable trough USB-C connection, I tought and tried several displays:

  • 1.47" portrait mode OLED;
  • 2.13" landscape mode E-PAPER;
  • 1.9" landscape mode OLED;

They fit the card within the 5mm limit but portait mode display was leading to a less ergonomic overall layout so I switched to landscape ... the E-PAPER was good for several reasons (thickness, current rating...) but the refresh rate limit was too much for a tool I would like to be really multipurpose.