Steam Heat

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DustinDustin 12/07/2021 at 04:390 Comments

I found myself rather chilly in the test camper with it being 22F outside tonight. I made tea before bed time and remembered the steam was quite nice and really warmed the place up. I have an induction cooktop in here and a stainless steel french press I used daily for heating water. I ended up filling the french press, setting the desired temperature to 260F, and putting a fan in front of it, to blow the steam into the sleeping loft. It's gotten quite cozy in here now, but the moisture is bringing out the smell of "old" in this camper. It's nearly 50 years old now. Sturdy, but a little bit crusty. 

In addition to wood, electric, and diesel heat, I think I'll add a bit of steam to the equation. With a cast iron kettle on an induction cook top with automatic temperature and timer controls, I can just fill the kettle, turn it on, and go about my business. This will work best with wood and electric heat sources, but I could also force the hot air from a diesel heater through the water before it enters the room. I just also realized that I can capture the waste heat of the diesel exhaust by submerging the pipe in water and heating the water. Perhaps a copper coil and a radiator are in order. It's a shame to waste the immense heat of the diesel exhaust, so I will have to try it out down the road. 

I've accidentally solved a few of my heating problems today, so I'd call that's good day. One step closer to a better life in a home built with my own hands.