New Light Day: RGB LED Strip

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DustinDustin 01/17/2022 at 15:570 Comments

I got tired of the limited lighting options in my little camper, so I finally went and got a 16 foot long LED strip with one of the remotes. I mounted it on the ceiling, running from the end of the sleeping loft, all the way to the back wall, then doubled back, into the bathroom, and ended it there. I can now choose my color and brightness levels. I didn't run the light strip into the sleeping loft as it already has a light and I like it dark up there. I found it quite handy to have the main light extend into the bathroom as well. No longer do I need to turn on the crappy old bathroom light at night, and blind myself. I can turn the main strip on red and lowest brightness and have a pleasant and consistent lighting throughout my living space. I still need plenty more lighting to film i the camper, but I at least have an every day light source I enjoy using. I got this strip from Home Depot for about $30. I wanted a custom controlled strip of NeoPixels, but didn't have the time or money just yet. I plan to do all custom smart home stuff in the future, and some of this equipment will end up unused. I can always find a use for things or just give them to people who need them more than I do. In the future I plan to add more lighting, and make it video recording friendly. For now, I will stick with my LED strip.