Badminton Stringing Machine Head - PicoBETH

Making a Badminton Electronic Tension Head using a Raspberry Pico

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PicoBETH (Raspberry Pico Badminton Electronic Tension Head) is an open-source project that allows hobbyist stringers who enjoy stringing but only have mechanical stringing machines (drop-weight, manual crank) to create their own electronic tensioning head. If you have basic programming skills, this project can be easily completed.

Stringing demonstration video

Current Main Features

1. LB/KG display and setting
2. Pre-Stretch function
3. Constant-pull system
4. Knot function
5. Tension adjustment manually during tensioning
6. Tension calibration
7. Stringing timer
8. Tension timer
9. Tension counter and boot counter
10. Detailed recording of tensioning logs
11. Pull speed of the string(Switch on the TB6600 stepper motor driver)
12. Real-time UPS Redundancy Feature
13. 0.1LB(50G) accurate

Function demonstration video

Main Hardware

1. Raspberry Pico H
2. CBX/SGX 1610 ballscrew 200MM sliding table
3. 57 stepper motor (2-phase 4-wire 1.8°)
4. TB6600 stepper motor driver
5. NJ5 20KG tension sensor (YZC-133)
6. HX711 module (SparkFun)
7. 2004 i2c LCD
8. WISE 2086 head
9. Five-way key module
10. Button
11. Micro switch
12. Active buzzer
13. Tri-color LEDs
14. 12V 18650 UPS Battery Box

Wiring Diagram

The process of making a condensed version.

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    How To Make

    Follow the Assembly Manual from GitHub and on my YouTube channel.

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