A sparkling LED module for PCB origami. Create some shining constructions with your soldering iron and hand-soldered LEDO!

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LEDO is a small LED module for PCB origami as a tiny brick for LEGO. The only difference is that you have to use your soldering iron to build LEDO creation.

Each LEDO module has ten WS2812B-2020 RGB LEDs. The top face has four LEDs. The bottom face has three. On the curved edges there are three LEDs too. On the bottom side, there is an FPC connector for input driving signal, power and ground. These signals also come from the small slots on one straight edge. The other two slots are for outputs.

Every LEDO is hand-soldered, with or without the FPC connector. As a base module, LEDO could be used to create more complex 3D structures, trees, squares, cubes, and so on.

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