Gamer Vest - Feel like you are in the game!

A project log for 3D Haptic Vest for Visually Impaired and Gamers

This project's goal was to make a vest that a visually impaired or gamer could use when moving around in their environment(real or virtual).

sean-bensonSean Benson 09/28/2014 at 23:120 Comments

I researched Fast Fournier Transforms (FFT) on the Raspberry Pi and decided to implement it in this vest for gamers. I tested the vest using the Call of Duty game. The wearer can now feel the recoil when they shoot their gun and other bass sounds like heart thumps from low health, enemy’s loud shots, grenades and rocket launchers. It’s really fun! The vest can be used in other games and also for watching movies. It would be fantastic if the motor array was embedded into the back of movie theater seats to add another dimension to the movie viewing experience. Kind of like the Mickey's PhilharMagic® show/movie at Disney World where you get to smell a scent or feel something run across the room by having your ankles tickled with air.

FFT enables the Pi to make spectrograms of the audio from any sound. A pattern recognition program is used to determine when there are audio cues. Then a signal is sent through a USB cable to the Parallax Propeller which then sends information to the Adafruit 24 PWM LED drivers which turns on the motors in the vest.