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    Step 1

    Software Requirements (as used/tested by author):

    - Latest Raspbian OS
    - Python 2.7
    - Kivy (Ver 1.9.2 dev) UI framework
    - Additional required python packages:
        - w1thermsensor
        - FakeGPIO (for testing on non-Pi platforms, customized version included)
        - CherryPy (web server)
        - schedule (for scheduled events)
        - bluepy
        - subprocess32
        - openweathermap.org app key 

    Software installation:

    1. Make sure you have the latest Raspbian updates
    2. Install Kivy on your Pi using the instructions found here: http://www.kivy.org/docs/installation/installation-rpi.html
    3. Install additional python packages: CherryPy, schedule,bluepy,subprocess32 & w1thermsensor using the command "sudo pip install ..."
    4. Get an openweathermap.org app key if you don't have one from here: http://www.openweathermap.org/appid
    5. Edit the thermostat_settings.json file and insert your Open Weather Map app key in the appropriate spot. Also change the location to your location.