Series 1 3D printed 3D Freeform carving machine

Carve 3D objects using a gamer joystick

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Mechanized freeform rotary carving machine for sculpting in a variety of materials. I am designing and building this machine to help makers and artists make!
(Made just for the HaD contest!)
Sculpt anything or ANYONE you like! The world needs more creative freedom!

Machine is a nice portable lightweight solution for the casual or serious artist and maker.You can use Styrofoam for a cheap carving medium and so you will never run out of media!

Low build cost allows every maker to build one. With just a few minutes of practice you can create a masterpiece.

If you have ever tried sculpting with a dremel tool you will love working with this. No tired hands/wrists no slips and cuts and no hand fatigue.
This machine is all self connection to a computer is needed.

This machine can be battery powered for high mobility. Take it anywhere!

Series 1 3D printed 3D freeform carving machine.

This machine is designed to allow an artist to sculpt in 3 D on a 3 inch square X 5 inch tall block of stock. Materials may in clude styrofoam,floral foam, balsa wood, basswood etc.

A rotary cutting tool is used and any standard shank dremel bits can be used including sanding drums for material removal. The cutting motor is variable speed 0-8000 RPM. The motor is attached to a floating Z axis that can access the entire face of the workpiece. The Z axis is in turn mounted on an X,Y axis set that allows the entire face of the work to be exploited. The workpiece is mounted on a rotary indexed table that can be moved in a complete rotation in 48 steps so complete access to the workpiece is available.

The machine is guided using an analog gaming joystick. Each button on the joystick allows the user to move axis and the workpiece. I found this to be much more natural than using the Ps2 joysticks in my other machines as it gives a feel of actually holding a tool while sculpting.

The entire structure is 3D printed(less the X,Y axis on this model I am low on materials) to form a rigid structure for mounting all the hardware. The controller interface is an Arduino Uno coded to interpret the analog joystick and buttons to perform driver signals.

The rotating table uses a stepper motor and printed turntable and vise while having an overhead centering clamp to resist the torque effects while carving.

The machine makes a bit of a mess but the shavings stay fairly close to the machine so it isn't too messy.

There is a slight learning curve when using the machine. You don't have active feedback on the joystick and have to get used to not aggressively trying to make deep cuts. As with any Dremel you let the tool do the work a bit at a time. Once I played with it an hour or so I quickly got the knack for shaping smoothly. The freeform carving machine lets you explore sculpting without tiring your hands and wrist, and without the vibration of a running motor tool normally associated with traditional methods.

Fun for the whole family and foam is cheap! In many cases it can be free(packing etc).

This is my second machine in the series, the first being the rotary duplicator which can be seen on my profile page with the lathes mills and other designs. I hope to design six machines this year all of which will be 3D printable..

  • Electronics for the carver

    castvee803/28/2017 at 01:37 0 comments

    This machine uses pretty brute simple electronics. An Arduino UNO takes joystick signals and drive the DC motors for the axis, and rotary table.

    Simple DC bridges are used with a 5 volt power suppy to run everything. The toolmotor runs on a 12 supply:

    A simple speed controller runs the toolbit motor:

    All the components are readily available and inexpensive.

  • The Gamer Joystick

    castvee803/23/2017 at 14:06 0 comments

    There are lots of the older analog joysticks available for use with this machine. The minimum requirement is that it has 3 switches available for tool control.

    This is the Gravis Blackhawk model. I used these for other machines, but this machine is a perfect fit.

    The joysticks need one small internal modification. The x, and Y pots need a ground on one side. This is shown in orange wire.

    The ground is needed to form a voltage divider across the pot and the resulting voltage is applied to the Arduino used for the joystick to driver package interface. The code for this interface is brutally simple.

    This joystick has a nice feel and perfect switch locations. I bought several of these on Ebay for about 5$.

  • Sculpting with the machine

    castvee803/23/2017 at 03:55 0 comments

    This sculpting project demo used a maximum capacity block of hard,close cell foam measuring 3 inches square and 5 inches tall. Any foam sculpts nicely though and even better are soft woods such as balsa,poplar and basswood.

    It is better to start with foam blocks at first as they are cheap and mistakes are not a big loss. It takes a bit of practice to get used to sculpting by wire. Don't have any blocks? No problem-you can glue some up from flat sheets. Use white glue and let them dry well before beginning. The cutter will breeze right through the glue joints and won't even be noticeable.

    Started roughing out a head from the mounted block. I am getting faster on this part, cut my time in half after getting a feel for the machines operation. I have sculpted several heads and some other stuff thus far.

    I used two different cutters on this for the rough out. The ball cutter(mounted now) and a cylindrical cutter for flatting the surfaces. It makes a bit of a mess so I stop and clean up then proceed.

    The shavings/swarf stay pretty close to the machine so final cleanup is not too much of a problem.

    Another look at the head thus far:

    Disclaimer-The bust depicted does not represent anyone real or fictitious. Any resemblance to a real or living person is purely coincidental.

  • Basic control function demo video

    castvee801/27/2017 at 18:38 0 comments

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Blecky wrote 04/19/2017 at 04:38 point

Is that a 3D Benchoff?

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castvee8 wrote 04/19/2017 at 13:39 point

It could be anyone. No person living or real has been created and any resemblance is probably just coicincidental.

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Jarrett wrote 03/23/2017 at 18:34 point

This would be pretty cool to hook up to something like the #LipSync to allow people with disabilities to sculpt

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castvee8 wrote 03/23/2017 at 18:46 point

Outstanding idea. Thank you.

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