Business Card Meets Retro Gaming

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Since the first grade, I’ve been a passionate fan of Nintendo’s Gameboy family of products, collecting every version from the original Gameboy to the Gameboy Advance SP. Inspired by this lifelong love, I’ve created PiCardo, a business card-sized device that brings the charm and excitement of retro gaming to a modern, compact form. PiCardo combines nostalgia with innovation, making it a unique entry for the Hackaday Business Card Challenge.

PiCardo is built around the Pi Zero 2 W, featuring a 2.6-inch landscape TFT LCD for a vibrant display. It includes all the necessary buttons for authentic gameplay, a 5-way navigation switch for intuitive control, and a LiPo battery with a charger and voltage boost converter for seamless power management. To ensure user convenience, I’ve also integrated a safe shutdown method. Despite its small size, PiCardo provides a delightful retro gaming experience, perfect for quick gaming sessions on the go.

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