A simple word-clock based on an RTC module and a Thermal Receipt Printer.

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Now we can have a secure paper trail for all time wasted or otherwise. This uses the RTC module and Thermal Receipt Printer Guts from Adafruit. The breadboard prototype is based on an Ardunio Micro but would work just as well with an UNO or other 5v Ardino. Normally the device prints the time every five minutes. But a simple momentary contact button provides basic interaction by printing the exact time on demand with a short press and the current date and time with a long press (3sec). The code is working but probably needs some cleanup and the whole thing needs a box to live in but all of the parts are here. Setup is simple: the button is simple wired for internal pullup and the printer setup is based on Adafruit's detailed instructions. It requires a good power supply that can provide at least 2.5 amps at 5v; otherwise the printer function is a little dodgy.

As this is an ongoing project the documentation here is not quite complete and a wiring diagram.

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