Explore music from all around the world with a tactile, distraction free experience. Disconnect without detaching.

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GlobeTune is a minimalistic internet radio device. Every time you turn the knob and after a bit of static, you are presented with a random radio from all over the world.
I originally built it out of my own desire to listen to music and discover new international music while being disconnected from the digital world.
Without the need to operate a computer or smartphone and without their countless distractions, you can explore the sounds of cultures from all around the planet with a tactile rotary knob.
If you share the desire to be disconnected but not detached and you love to discover new musical experiences, GlobeTune is for you.

A crowdfunding campaign is in the works to fund development and a first production run for GlobeTune.

I would like to open source the project after an acceptable state has been reached, so that the community can upgrade it in ways only the collective can.

  • Initial update

    Alexis D.05/27/2024 at 16:26 0 comments

    After creating a prototype on a raspberry pi Zero W for my own use, I realised that I should redesign it with a more production oriented mentality.

    The current status is:

    - Component selection completed (based around ESP32)
    - PCB designed and tested
    - Case designed, redesigned, and then redesigned again.
    - Software under development
      - using ESP-ADF and IDF
      - need to finalise the menu and create some missing menus
      - need to fix some bugs on the audio pipeline
      - need to add OTA upgrades, and test robustness

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