Crossbow String Unloading

A method to flex a recurve crossbow to install/remove the string using jack stands.

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Relatively low cost crossbows are supplied as kits that require assembly. Flexing the bow to install the string is a particular challenge. A stringer tool works well for assembly but not disassembly when desired. In addition, crossbow pistols of 50 to 80lbs do not have a stringer tools available.

A quick and simple hack (limited to the amount of force that one can apply to the bow) is to use two 3-ton jack stands along with jack pad pinch weld protectors and rebar canopy stakes. The jack stands are positioned such that the protective pads contact the bow just before the string mounting tips for maximum leverage. The rings on the canopy stakes hold down the jack stands from tipping towards the center of the bow while force is manually exerted on the stock in addition to the stirrup with the concept of keeping the force centered on the bow.

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