Final Assembly

A project log for Business Card + Clock + ATtiny3227 Dev Board

A business card with a charlieplexed realtime clock and an ATtiny3227 development board.

cheetahhenrycheetah_henry 06/12/2024 at 03:280 Comments

The PCB has arrived from PCBWay. It looks great with the black background.

PCB Front

PCB Component Side

Since the VQFN package of ATtiny3227 is only 4 x 4 mm, so I ordered the stencil. The final assembly looks great. PCB thickness measurement shows that it is 3.2mm at the battery holder and 3.4mm at the break-out connector side.

PCB after assembly

PCB Thickness Measure

Everything work fine, this including the software as well as the hardware design.  Here is a gif of the clock showing time at 4:39

and at 4:45

The project is very much completed by now. I think that I will add one or two logs later on how I setup the toolchain and provide a couple of demonstration on how to use the business card as a ATtiny3227 development board.