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A project log for Business Card + Clock + ATtiny3227 Dev Board

A business card with a charlieplexed realtime clock and an ATtiny3227 development board.

cheetahhenrycheetah_henry 06/16/2024 at 01:490 Comments

When I was doing the PCB design for the business card, I decided to create a derivative design based on the Business Card, so I created a wristwatch based on the Business Card design.

The writstwatch shares the same firmware used in the business card project, it has the same BOM with the exception of the two buttons used and without the two 12-pin break-out connector. I found a 16mm-wide wrist belt from Aliexpress and bought a few of them with different colors.

Since the wristwatch is not part of this contest, so I won't talk much about it here, and you can find the Kicad PCB design files from my tinyAVR-wristwatch repository.

Have a nice Hackaday!