The first steps: researching what already exists.

A project log for R2D2 & Mars Rover Robot

The ultimate robot with Arduino: a faithful replica that captures the magic of the movies, featuring both manual and automatic modes.

dylanestdylan.est 05/29/2024 at 22:220 Comments

Naturally, we started by looking at what already existed. 

First, we found robots that were autonomous thanks to an ultrasonic sensor. We liked this idea straight away, because it would give us an R2D2 assistant who wouldn't bump into obstacles on his own, or even follow us around to help us if we needed it!

Secondly, we found some line-following robots. This option was less appealing to us, as our robot would be very limited in its movements and we'd lose the interactive aspect with the user.

The third option we found was to track the user via specific components, such as a Pixy camera or an arduino GPS module.

Finally, the fourth option we found was a radio-controlled robot. Here we found the interactive aspect with the user that we were looking for, while still having the freedom to move where he wanted.

Faced with these options, we decided to combine the autonomous aspect of ultrasound with the interactive aspect of the radio-controlled robot. We are therefore proposing a robot with two compatible modes of use that can be switched at any time while the robot is in use. Now all we have to do is get it up and running!