The engine starts up: it's finally moving.

A project log for R2D2 & Mars Rover Robot

The ultimate robot with Arduino: a faithful replica that captures the magic of the movies, featuring both manual and automatic modes.

dylanestdylan.est 05/29/2024 at 22:400 Comments

With the structure ready, we put together the electronic assemblies and codes to set our robot in motion for the first time. 

So we're using four DC3V 6V Dual Axis Gear motors, with the four respective plastic tyre wheels, and to control them we needed an H Bridge Motor Drive Tech, L298N Motor Driver. 

To make the assembly, as well as the code, we looked at various datasheets and followed several tutorials such as:

Tutoriel L298N : fonctionnement, branchement, code arduino (

Finally, our robot managed to take its first steps with a simple “move forward” function coded for testing !