First weeks of my attempts to modelize R2D2

A project log for R2D2 & Mars Rover Robot

The ultimate robot with Arduino: a faithful replica that captures the magic of the movies, featuring both manual and automatic modes.

shaomichelshaomichel 05/30/2024 at 00:070 Comments

The first 2 weeks were mainly dedicated to research and documentation on the internet in order to visualize what kind of objects and shapes I was going to design. I watched many videos on how people would start off their modeling, and after watching most of them, I just realized that I would never be able to recreate what they did simply because it was too detailed. And tbh, we're not looking for designing the most detailed R2D2 we've seen, as long as it is recognizable enough. Here's an exemple of the videos I watched. 

Even though the tutorial itself didn't help me much, I was still able to use the file linked in the description that allowed me to have an overview of what I was aiming for, and as well as something to compare my later design with. 

That's how I started my design, without following any tutorial, but only my gut and my intuition. I started designing the different parts of the robot. I knew I'd had to design the parts separately cause the idea was to print the differents separately, then add the components inside those parts and then finally assembling them.