Buisnes card for children day

Fast creation to celebrate children day - because all of us have child soul

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Simple idea to use PCB board as a case. Sandwich construction help to minimalize thickens and add mechanical resistance. This is only prototype, next I can order professional pcb and add more - better sound, RTC, temperature sensor and SPI flash for more data. I have only one day for this project - but I do best I can.

The goal of the project is to create 
a card that can be kept in a wallet, 
without exposed components that are
 easy to break off.
The target thickness is approximately
 2.5 mm determined by the liion cell. 
The way to achieve this goal is to use 
two sandwich-shaped PCB glued together. 
The components between the layers will 
be safe. 
-ATmega8 processor
-LCD 84x46 points
-Piezo speaker
-4 action keys
-2 function keys
-3v lithium cell power supply
-ISP port for programming

Things done:
-Functional prototype.
-LCD test program demo.
To do
-conversion to LiIon and charging system
-better sound system
-additional SPI memory
-write some games

  • Some software progress

    satanistik06/17/2024 at 20:05 0 comments

  • Making prototype

    satanistik06/02/2024 at 10:50 0 comments

    Tłumaczenie tekstu za pomocą aparatu

    work I started by making
     printed circuit boards
     using the thermal transfer
     method, but this was not
     without problems because
     the printer did not want
     to accept coated paper.

    Next, all milling I make using hand dril. In final version I plane to use two layers PCB but in prototype - all additional connection using wires and capton  tape.

    Finally assembled prototype have thickness 4mm determined by coin cell. In next generation I plane to use liion 2,4mm.

    Current consumption oscillate about 3mA width running CPU and 87uA for power down and running LCD. 

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