A New Body - Ryan

A project log for Barnabas-Bot

An open-source educational robotics project that inspires elementary and middle school kids to invent through building their own robot

RyanRyan 03/10/2017 at 23:280 Comments

Hello everyone, my name is Ryan and i am an intern for the Barnabas Robotics project. In the next coming months i will be informing you readers with all my achievements and mistakes for my part of the project. Now at this time you must (but don't have to) be curious on what is my purpose in all of this. I am working on improving the previous Barnabas Bot: so that we can effectively and efficiently produce these in mass quantities than via only 3D printing.

Now, i'm sure that a majority of you readers will say something like this is "simple" or "easy"; however, please keep in mind that this will be my very first time touching programs like Fusion 360 and the entire process of 3D printing. Now before i continue, i would like to give a very big thank you to the people at SupplyFrame DesignLab, for giving us the opportunity to use their facility and their wide variety of tools to help us in this journey.

So let's start from the top, my goal is to create a new version of the Barnabas Bot, that can be manufactured in mass quantities. The method that we are playing around with is injection molding. Therefore our current design will not suffice since converting a negative of our current design will require too much work. To solve this, i need to fabricate a new design that will make it easier to injection mold. The way i thought to solve this is by separating the body into 4 parts that will join together in an interlocking mechanism. My first design is a proof of concept in how to create a tab-like system that joins together in 90 degree angles.

Now whether or not this will work, that's for next time. - Ryan