Losing my head!

A project log for Barnabas-Bot

An open-source educational robotics project that inspires elementary and middle school kids to invent through building their own robot

RyanRyan 04/21/2017 at 19:170 Comments

Hello dear readers and..

Last time i had show you guys some of my achievements like finishing the design of the new body for the Barnabas bot. Although that was a big achievement for me, it still was imperfect since it did not get into the actual issues of the PCB board mount that Eric and i need to work together to get it working. On top of that, Eric was very picky about how the height of the bottom base was not to his standards so back to Fusion i go!

After i finished my wonderful adventure to the lands of modeling i went straight to printing. But of course, mistakes were very much made that day when i forgot to add support material...

I am a very intelligent man...

But fear not viewers! I have corrected my mistakes a produced a base worth of Eric's praise!

Ah yes, what a master piece.

But i'm not stopping there! Although the body is practically done, we still need to make the entire robot injection molding ready which means i need to update the old one to newer versions. and here's the runner up...

Now here's the thing, the idea of injection molding is similar to ice cube trays. If you were to make a tray to create these heads, would it come out? Well by theory the one to the left would but the one on the right would not because of the fact the eyes are indented inward which would provide an issue in terms of mass producing these. Additionally, i won't stop with just the left one, i'm still making different versions that will let us have a larger variety to pick from.

But for now, until next time!