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An open-source educational robotics project that inspires elementary and middle school kids to invent through building their own robot

ericeric 05/28/2017 at 18:380 Comments

Hey everyone,

As promised, here is the attempt to Voltron all the subsystems together;

It is without a doubt, a big ugly mess.

Luckily though, it works.... sort of. The entire board receives power as intended, however I was unable to burn a bootloader onto the ATmega328P that acts as the core processor of the board. My best guess is that some of the traces on that subsystem board are non-functional. Not surprising to me but inconvenient. I will be making a breakout board to see if I can successfully burn the bootloader when I am only focused on the chip. Hopefully it works. If not then I'll spend more time in the tank figuring out what the real problem is.

Till next time,