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A project log for Barnabas-Bot

An open-source educational robotics project that inspires elementary and middle school kids to invent through building their own robot

ericeric 12/01/2017 at 00:530 Comments

Hey guys,

    Quick update on the Barnabas noggin. I finished soldering it together today and, surprise surprise, it doesn't work. Not "I can't put code on it", more like "It doesn't receive power whatsoever". But, after a few hours of debugging I found the culprit;

This barrel jack was wired in the way above because I assumed pin 3 was internally connected to pin 2, AND NOTHING ELSE. In other words, I assumed the following schematic was an accurate representation of the barrel jack;

As it turns out, pin 3 is also internally connected to pin 1 in some way. So the layout is shorting the power source completely. After chopping off pin 3 on another jack and placing it onto the board, I confirmed that to be the case.

    In addition to that problem there was some poor soldering that I am in the process of touching up. I'll keep you guys in the loop.

Till next time,