R4 MCU based microcontroller with a miriad of built-in features

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The original Arduino R4 Minima has many unused pins. To utilize these, I've enabled the unused pins to add 7 activity LEDs and 5 buttons without occupying a single port on the headers.
The Minima also does not utilize pins that support serial communication. I've brought out these pins to a Stemma connector, making them accessible.
Additionally, the Minima lacks an RTC battery port, which I've also added.
I've integrated many features from my previous 16-bit builds into this 32-bit upgrade, including a screen. This, combined with the buttons, microphone, and LEDs, has streamlined many of my projects. I can easily debug and create selection menus right on the board.
The adjustable ADC resolution on this chip is impressive, and its ability to perform DAC, support CAN bus, and act as a HID USB device is very convenient.
I've also added a microphone, which, with the right algorithms, allows for voice interaction, using LEDs as a bar graph for music visualizatio

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