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bonus: using NFC to configure the WiFi

nazNaz 06/08/2024 at 21:590 Comments

I enjoy the community and seeing others have similar ideas to mine.

These are the projects that seem similar to this project:

They appear to integrate the 7.5 inch screen, and two of them use Chromium to run a web backend. I agree with dwuhls in that the web is easier to design and layout than it is in C++. And not just that, the ease of tinkering with the display is important to me (adjusting HTML&CSS is fun for my version of painting). Just looking at these numbers: Stackoverflow 2023 survey results show more than 50% of the respondents knew HTML/CSS/JavaScript while only 25% of the respondents knew C++.

The other thing I'd like to contribute to this area is how to configure the WiFi. I've given my screens to people, and the first question is "how do I setup the WiFi" and for some people explaining how to edit the source code to change the WiFi is too much.

To tackle that problem, and I wanted to integrate the NFC standard (specifically using a WiFi NDEF record) to use any mobile phone that has NFC capability (most do, especially if it has a digital wallet), and apps that implement the NDEF standard (there are a few on iOS). So the workflow becomes, plug in the screen, oh hey you need to setup WiFi, grab your phone and open up the NFC Tools app and add the WiFi record. This may be more involved than doing the "disconnect from your wifi and connect to the device WiFi, and then either go through the captive capture when connected or navigate to a specific 192.168.1.x address, and then type in your WiFi and save" sure we all have done this for all our devices, but why not try something new and use NFC to configure your WiFi!