Fluorescent Printed Circuits for Special Effects

I am excited to share with the Hackaday community the details of a recent and thrilling project: transforming blank printed circuits into captivating fluorescent artworks.

Project Objective

The main goal of this project was to push the boundaries of printed circuit technology by incorporating unique aesthetic and functional elements. By creating circuits that light up under black light, we aimed to merge technological innovation with visual art.

Project Process

  1. Manufacturing of the Printed Circuits
    • The blank printed circuits were manufactured using high-quality materials, ensuring optimal performance and providing a solid foundation for our creative endeavor.
  2. Application of Fluorescent Varnish
    • The true magic happened during the application of a specific fluorescent varnish. This varnish, which reacts spectacularly under black light, was carefully applied to the surface of the circuits. Each layer was meticulously added to ensure uniform and vibrant luminosity.


The final result is truly impressive. These printed circuits not only function perfectly, but they also transform into genuine works of art when exposed to UV light. The special effects produced are both hypnotic and inspiring, paving the way for new possibilities in artistic, scientific, and technological projects.

Potential Applications

  • Special Effects: Use in shows, artistic installations, or stage designs to create unique atmospheres.
  • Aesthetic Research: Exploring the interactions between technology and visual art.
  • Innovative Prototyping: Developing circuit prototypes where aesthetics play a crucial role.


This project demonstrates how innovation and creativity can transform technical elements into stunning visual experiences. I hope this share will inspire other members of the Hackaday community to explore the possibilities offered by fluorescent materials and printed circuits.