Full Size Wireless Redstone Lamp

A "full size" wirelessly controlled redstone lamp. Full sized == 1m cubed

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I originally started as I am going to be visiting EMF Camp ( and wanted something to put outside of my tent that lights up. Due to the connected nature of the event I wanted it to be controllable via an internet page.

I then saw somebody had built one that works using a switch within minecraft however this was far too small. I have decided to build one effectivly the same size as they are in the game, which in real life would be about 1m^3

So far I have worked on the sketchup/material specification for the main frame.

I will upload all source code used on the Pi and Sketchup files when they are started/completed.

System Diagram:

The system diagram is a fairly simple one, I am planning on running the whole thing via a RaspberryPi & so this natively provides most of the hard parts.

  • 6 × Lamp sides, top & bottom CNC milled, glue-abled wood frame, there will be 6 sides (as its a square)
  • 8 × 3D Printed Connectors To connect the sides together on location, 3d printable
  • 1 × RaspberryPi Used for internet connectivity. Software will be published
  • 1 × LED TBD Determined wihch one & circuitry required
  • 5 × Coloured Inserts To slot into the sides that creates the coloured effect 5 * 6

  • I'm still here!

    GPPK11/17/2015 at 19:23 0 comments

    ust a little teaser for anyone that is following the project and, like me, getting very frustrated with the lack of progress!

    Well good news, it's now winter which means no more quad flying or climbing trips in the great outdoors. I've also moved house and now have plenty of indoor workshop space to get cracking... Wait, isn't this where I insert the excuse not the reasons the get going...

    Anyway, have a look the pretty neat render I did today, which coincidentally is now also the project picture, and keep an eye out for lots of new updates!

  • YouTube Video now Live!!

    GPPK08/19/2014 at 20:05 0 comments

    So it's taken me quite a while, but I have uploaded a youtube video showing where the project is at and a few of the future aims, it really complements the rest of the content here on the projects page.

    you can find a link over to the right of the project page

  • Assembling & Glueing The First Side

    GPPK08/19/2014 at 17:28 0 comments

    This log is a WIP however the first side is slowly coming together now. It has all the components made and they have started to be glued together. Pictures below show the first layout. I will update with pics of the glueing process when I get round to taking some.

  • Milling The First Components

    GPPK08/19/2014 at 17:04 0 comments

    The first parts have been milled! & It is slowly starting to come together. Below are a selection of pictures of the milling and milled parts, there isn't a lot of detail in this post except that we had a few problems with Bits breaking & job files being incorrect but we now have a template for finishing the rest of the milling process (hopefully in time).

    In the boot!


    Having to hand sand the burrs and crap off of each part...

  • Finalising The Design

    GPPK08/11/2014 at 20:11 0 comments

    Finalising the Design

    The design for the redstone lamp how now been completed on Sketchup, it consists of four individual pieces. These pieces are:

    • Bottom
    • Side 1 – repeated for two sides
    • Side 2 – repeated for the other two
    • Top

    Parts Together:

    These sides all have sections cut away from the edge of the components in order to slot the box, this aids in transport as it will be able to be flat packed down into six 1m^3 sections. A corner section, with the side slightly moved can been seen in the picture below.

    Once this design had been finalised the sides of the lamp needed to be cut up into much smaller sections so that they were able to be milled. The CNC bed was 720mm x 550mm and so the sections were cut and tessellated to take up as little space as possible to bring down costs. In the following picture you can see the final of all the components for each side.

    Final Cut Up:

    In order to add strength and connect the sides a 3D printed part was designed to bolt the components together, this part will be 3D printed on my lamp however it may be cheaper to mill this in future iterations, in the pictures below it is shown on a Makerbot Replicator 2 bed and it was rather larger than anticipated!

    3D Printed Part in Lamp:

    The design of all the components to be made is now “complete” barring any alterations made when the milling process is started. Next blog will be on the milling process, what I changed about the design (not as much as anticipated!) and the sanding/gluing process

    Easter Egg (Thanks for reading):

    Banana for scale

  • Repo Up to Date

    GPPK08/08/2014 at 15:54 0 comments

    Just a quick starter log.

    The Repo is now up to date with sketchup file being used to build the thing! Along witha  few pics of the start of the build.

    So what is coming? Well I am planning on writing a few logs to cover the work I have done last week & on the follow up work that will be happening. These will be on:

    • Finalising the Design
    • Milling the First Components
    • Assembling the First Side
    • Making the LED Work

    These logs should appear in the next week, & I am still milling, glueing & thinking about the next parts of the box so stay tuned!

    P.s. There will be some sort of Video & System diagram appearing too as they are requirements of the HaD Prize. If you come across me in your voting remember to vote RED.

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srainsdon wrote 08/07/2014 at 04:54 point
Updates??? i am so eager to see

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John Boyd wrote 07/19/2014 at 20:43 point
This is great! I look forward to seeing it finished!

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GPPK wrote 07/22/2014 at 12:19 point
Hold tight, major development works happening week of the 28th July. Expect updates then.

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