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A project log for Full Size Wireless Redstone Lamp

A "full size" wirelessly controlled redstone lamp. Full sized == 1m cubed

GPPKGPPK 08/08/2014 at 15:540 Comments

Just a quick starter log.

The Repo is now up to date with sketchup file being used to build the thing! Along witha  few pics of the start of the build.

So what is coming? Well I am planning on writing a few logs to cover the work I have done last week & on the follow up work that will be happening. These will be on:

These logs should appear in the next week, & I am still milling, glueing & thinking about the next parts of the box so stay tuned!

P.s. There will be some sort of Video & System diagram appearing too as they are requirements of the HaD Prize. If you come across me in your voting remember to vote RED.