• RJ45 connectors for fast and stable connection.
  • Plug and play system.
  • Configurable to acquire 5/24V PNP and NPN inputs.
  • 5/24V selection for outputs.
  • Each input or output connector also carries the 5/24V POE-style power supply.


  • Reverse polarity protection.
  • Self-resetting fuses for each power supply.


  • Full 5 Axis Step/Dir/Enable control outputs.
  • 24-5V Outputs – Spindle, Mist Coolant, Flood Coolant, Dust Extraction.
  • 3 x 24-5V Auxiliary outputs controlled by additional M-codes.
  • 0-10V or 5V PWM outputs for Spindle VFD and laser module.
  • CW/CCW/security enable for spindle VFD.


  • 5x Closed Loop Stepper Motor/Servo Alarm Inputs.
  • Opto-isolated inputs for DOOR/PROBE/HOLD/START/E-STOP input signals.
  • Opto-isolated inputs for all limit switch input signals (Mechanical and Inductive limit switch compatible).
  • 4x Opto-Isolated auxiliary inputs.
  • An independent input for override vac output.

Firmware/Software Compatibility:

  • Supports GrblHAL firmware.
  • Supports IoSender software.
  • Supports CortexInterface software (is coming…)


  • USB.
  • Ethernet.
  • SD Card.
  • Auxiliary USB.
  • I2c connectivity for external plug-in communications.

Example Driver Adapter expansion

Relay module for split 4 Neuron-1's outputs in protected outputs with fuses

5/24V PNP/NPN compatible inputs

Input example