A night's worth of opossum activity

A project log for OpenTrap Smart Animal Trap

OpenTrap is intended as a tool to aid those working to help animals while controlling the stray/feral animal population.

roger_archibaldroger_archibald 04/21/2017 at 19:320 Comments

I recently learned that there's a family of possums living under my deck. Unfortunately the neighbor's dog got out and decimated 3 of the 4 joeys, and Momma Possum and Baby Possum are living under my deck at the moment. I'm hoping to catch the two of them together using the trap so I can relocate them to a place that's not my deck.

They didn't come to the trap before I went to bed, so I left the trap logging all night in order to get a feel for their feeding times. It looks like the Baby Possum came and went several times; based on the distance data I think it was that little hamster-sized critter.

I was pleased to see that the NiCad powering the Trap Box held up EXTREMELY well over the course of the night. It was cool to see the remote battery dripping down to the point where the MCP7831 kicked in and brought it back to 4.2V. All in all I’m really pleased with how this is coming along. Attached in the files are a text file of the output as well as an Excel spreadsheet with the data imported and a few curves plotted.