New boards en route

A project log for OpenTrap Smart Animal Trap

OpenTrap is intended as a tool to aid those working to help animals while controlling the stray/feral animal population.

roger_archibaldroger_archibald 04/25/2017 at 14:330 Comments

Any day now I should be getting the latest iteration of the Big Dumb Boost (BDB) converter back from OSHPark. If it works well then I'll re-spin the main Trap Box Board to include that circuit and also to generally clean up a few things, relocate the power LED and swap out individual gate drivers in favor of some dual gate drivers that will use less board real estate and consume less current when not in use. Once I get those boards stuffed and tested, I think that's the stage at which I'll start trying to get this into the hands of non-technical cat rescue people.

Last night I sent in the OSHPark order of what I hope to be the last iteration of the Remote Box Board. It's basically the same as what's posted here but I included an FTDI module on the board. In small quantities you can get FTDI chips for ~$2, it makes sense to just include it on the board and not mess around with external FTDI modules and extra wires....I'm using the micro USB connector to charge the battery anyway, might as well use it for data as well. I'll post the schematics here once I stuff the boards and verify they're happy.