A project log for Measuring-Node-for-Equilibrium-Evaluation

Developed a stand-alone node for equilibrium evaluation, integrating sensors and software to enhance therapy for children.

ivan-hernandezIvan Hernandez 06/12/2024 at 16:330 Comments

Problem Definition

Therapy for children, particularly those with physical or developmental challenges, often requires repetitive and structured activities to improve motor skills, balance, and coordination. Traditional methods, while effective, can be monotonous and lack engagement, making it difficult for children to stay motivated and enthusiastic throughout their therapy sessions. This lack of engagement can lead to reduced effectiveness of the therapy, slower progress, and, in some cases, a complete aversion to the necessary exercises.

1.1.                 Challenges in Traditional Therapy

1.2.                 Need for an Innovative Solution

Given these challenges, there is a significant need for a device that can make therapy sessions more engaging, interactive, and efficient. The ideal solution would incorporate elements that make therapy fun and motivating for children while providing therapists with accurate, real-time data on the child's performance and progress.

1.3.                 The Proposed Solution

The device we propose is designed specifically to address these issues by integrating advanced sensor technology with interactive software applications. This stand-alone measuring node aims to enhance therapy sessions in several keyways: