The STC8H1K08 is a microcontroller from the STC (Shanghai Sinowealth Technology) family of microcontrollers. These microcontrollers are commonly used in a variety of embedded applications due to their cost-effectiveness and robust feature set. Here are some key features and specifications for the STC8H1K08.

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These microcontrollers boast an instruction speed that is about 12 times faster than traditional 8051 microcontrollers, with most instructions executing in just one clock cycle. They support clock frequencies up to 36MHz and operate within a voltage range of 1.9V to 5.5V. Standard peripherals include a 10-bit ADC, analog comparator, multiple timers, PWM, UART, SPI, and I2C. Additionally, they feature a built-in bootloader, enabling firmware uploads directly via UART without requiring an additional programming device.


Core: Enhanced 8051 core
Operating Frequency: Up to 35 MHz
Flash Memory: 8 KB
RAM: 256 bytes (on-chip)
EEPROM: 256 bytes
I/O Pins: Up to 18 I/O pins
Timers: Multiple 16-bit timers
Serial Communication: UART, SPI, I2C
PWM: Multiple PWM channels for motor control and other applications
ADC: 8-bit ADC with multiple channels
Watchdog Timer: On-chip watchdog timer
Power Supply: 2.7V to 5.5V
Package Types: Available in various packages such as DIP, SOP, and QFN



Home appliances
Consumer electronics
Industrial automation
Motor control
Portable devices


Cost-effective solution for embedded applications
Rich peripheral set for versatile application development
Compatibility with standard 8051 development tools and software

Development and Programming:

STC provides development tools and software for programming their microcontrollers.

There are various development boards and kits available to facilitate prototyping and development.

Schematic Design

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