Parts required


  1. Push button to GND and D3
  2. Display to GND, VCC, SDA D1 and SCL D2

Recordings or TTS

If you possess a compelling and persuasive voice, consider recording your manifesto and exporting it as an MP3 file. Alternatively, you might find useful. For the demonstration, I utilized Ethan’s Spanish voice. Additionally, if you upload multiple audio files, they will be rotated with each visit.


#define DEFAULT_SSID "StarbucksWIFI" // you can change it later from admin page

#define HTTP_USER_AUTH "admin" // user for admin page

#define HTTP_PASS_AUTH "123456" // password for admin page


To configure SSID and upload audios just connect to the Honeypot Manifesto WIFI, then load and enter your user and password.

Uploaded mp3 will be placed in Flash memory. There you will have the counter and SSID stored as well.


Plug in the Power Bank. Then press the push button to start the server. You can view the reader counter in the 7 segment display and you can reset the counter from the admin page.