DIY 3D Printed Powerful Water Pump

I build a 3d Powerful Printed Water Pump based on 775 DC Motor

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Hello Friends, welcome back in my new Hackaday Project, today I designed this 3D Printed Powerful Water Pump which is based on 775 DC Motor. It helps me a lot in my some daily works, like I can wash my pet, water my plants, wash my vehicle and much more work. It's a best tool for those who had doing these types of work in there daily life. It's a easy to make & easy to use, So now let's make it step by step

  • 1 × 775 DC Motor
  • 1 × 3D Printed Enclosure
  • 1 × 16 AWG Silicon Wire
  • 1 × Loom Solar Lithium battery
  • 1 × Heat Shrink Tube

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    Design & Print

    First I designed 3d Enclosure of water pump using Fusion 360. Then I print it using my 3d Printer, I printed it with PLA Filament but I suggest you to Use ABS Filament for long term use. 

    If you haven't a 3d Printer then you can also order your own 3d Printed parts from Pcbway! Yes you can even order a 3d Printed Enclosure at very affordable price. Sign in using the link & get $5 Coupon code

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    Prepare Body

    In this step I'll guide you that how to prepare a body of water pump, it's a very simple step;)

    First take your motor and place the 3D printed base on it and tighten it with the help of two screws using a screwdriver.

    Now take your motor and place your impeller on the motor shaft and press it a little.

    so that it fits easily on the motor shaft

    Now put the upper part of the 3rd printed part on it and apply a little force.

    so that it fits easily in it's place

    And now close it well with the help of super glue and Apoxy Resin gun so that water does not leak from anywhere.

    Now it's ready to use, Check the further steps;)

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    In this step do a connection of your 775 DC Motor with SMPS or any other power supply method like battery, Charger or any other. You can also use a DC Motor Speed control to control it's pressure. And also make sure that the voltage should be around 14v to 18v for a better results;)

    Now Solder Two wires to motor for power input

    For Safety Use Heat Shrink Tube as I used it.

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