Laminated Bent Wood Guitar Stand

Wooden guitar stand made using bent and laminated wood.

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Worked on this project during high school with the help of the Hard Materials teacher. I used a combination of hard and soft woods for the contrasting colors and different strengths. I remember that the light wood is Macrocarpa, not sure on the dark wood.

Getting the bend just right required first designing the general form with bent wire, itself requiring taking measurements of my guitar for general dimensions and clearances. Once we were happy with the form, I traced the form onto a large block of MDF and cut it out on the band saw to make a sort of mold. The woodshop teacher made a custom pipe to boil thin (~3 mm thick) strips of macrocarpa in to soften them. The strips were then taken out and clamped into the form and left to dry. Once dry, we release the pieces from the form and bent them again with wood glue to keep them in place, then trimmed to length. The pieces themselves were connected with a combination of dowels and cutting slots with coping saw and chisel.

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