Connected the app to my Particle account

A project log for Walker - The Future of Pet Connectivity

Coming soon is an iPhone application and dog collar attachment that will make you feel even closer to your pet.

Aidan DraperAidan Draper 06/05/2017 at 00:330 Comments

Aidan has continued working on Walker since the last post. By using a Cocoa Pod, he was able to import the Particle SDK into the app. Now, he can access the devices on his Particle account using his login credentials! This is a big step in the project because we now can make the app and hardware interact together.

Next steps:

1) Add login, create account, and connect particle account segue screen

- this also means we must figure out the way in which we want users to be guided through the "connect to their particle (the attachment)" setup when they first purchase the device

2) Add a JSON file as a database or purchase a Raspberry Pi to setup as a server for a JSON file database

3) Add Particle commands to the application's buttons so the app has functionality

Check back soon for updates!