Advanced bench power supply

Precision programmable dual channel power supply 1-25V, 0-2A.

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This is an ongoing longterm project to create dual channel precision bench power supply 2x50W with ultra low output ripple, fully programmable and adjustable from PC. Output channels are independent or connected in series or parallel. It will contain some advanced features like voltage or current ripple injection, pulse-width modulated outputs (dremel revs control), +-10V analog inputs which can be attached to external sensors and used as feedback for internal PID regulators (reflow hot plate or heat chamber contro). Data can be logged via USB port or displayed directly on LCD. Part of firmware is going to be nice embedded graphical library for small displays. Everything can be controlled using 6 buttons and one rotary encoder on front panel or via PC.
Both channels will be in sync wit each other so advanced output voltage patterns can be used (laser display with x y positioning using solenoids.

  • Debugging two MCUs at the sime time using two ST-Links

    kevarek03/20/2019 at 18:33 0 comments

    Contrary to what is seems like, I'm still working on this project. Lately I have found the need to debug the communication between multiple circuit boards containing micro-controllers (STM32) via ST-Link debuggers and using Eclipse based AC6 (OpenSTM32) IDE all at the same time.

    You can find instructional video how to set all the things up in following link:

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