Project outline, streaming test

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"Streaming an impulsive build to Twitch" experiment, or a Zero W webcam

aryaArya 03/18/2017 at 02:530 Comments

Here's a stream link. I hope it's recorded to the laptop's HDD correctly - I'm using a separate laptop for streaming.

The most important materials - Pi Zero W, NoIR 8MP Pi Camera, some Li-Ions. There's much more to it, it's just not visible =)

Some laser-cut leftovers - I'm wondering if I could use them for quick&dirty prototyping.

My streaming setup - a laptop, a C920 and OBS!

Let's start - first, download the Raspbian image!

I'll be using Raspbian, specifically, Raspbian Lite.

I have this vision... Fuck it, hot glue is better than lots of words.

Raspbian got downloaded! Win32DiskImager is awesome for burning images to SD cards. The problem is - I dont have a free card handy.

Meanwhile, Pi Zero fits in the official Pi Zero case very well. Who would have thought?

Okay, the plan is to attach a 18650 cell to the Zero case with magnets, then power the Pi from the cell. Let's get riiiiiight to the magnets!

We need at least two. Coincidentally, that's as much as I have. Realistically, we'll need more.

Damn, this case is not as easy-to-use - I can't get the Pi out. At least, well, it's beautiful. Well, I got it out and I'm not inserting it back again until I have the software ready. Let's get some more magnets and SD cards then!

Got the magnets and the SD card. Now, let's get the image burned and the Li-ion stuff soldered!

The plan is simple - I'm powering the Pi from Li-ion voltage, no converters or anything, just a charging circuit... Maybe.

I took some magnets, soldered wires to metal washers from one side and microUSB connector - from the other. Connected the wires to the battery, checked the polarity and checked it once again. Then I inserted the connector - and magic smoke escaped from the connector on the Pi.

It's not yet clear what caused this but, logically, a Li-Ion battery has a fuckton of energy inside and it shorted in some way. The connector is unusable now - not that it's really going to be a problem for me, sonce there are oh so many ways to power a Pi, but it's a limitation nevertheless. Whatever, I got a better idea that'll also be prettier!