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A project log for dREM

dREM plans to create a mobile app that allows the user to effortlessly achieve a lucid dreaming experience through smartphone sensors.

Andrew & BenAndrew & Ben 02/17/2017 at 18:300 Comments

Friday, February 17th


At 12:30 PM, Ben and I met Josh, our Kickbox mentor, in the MakerHub to get him on board with dRem and to discuss the inner workings of our project. We began with a summary of what dRem is, the work we have already completed, and our primary goals for this semester. Josh appeared to enjoy our idea and was excited to help out in any way. We discussed why he is working at the MakerHub and what he enjoys most, such as metal and wood working.

After exchanging pleasantries, Josh asked more questions about the specific framework of how our prototype and ideated app would work. Lastly, we spoke on how Josh may contribute, which may be providing contacts within the MakerHub or other departments on who could help. Overall, the meeting went well.

--Ben & Randy out